Hello world!

Ola Amigos,

I had felt probably a little foolish. I asked myself ‘Is this process simply a public ego massaging that I have committed to?’ Surely not.  No indeed the motivation is far more Walt Whitman in motivation – We ‘Yawp’ over the rooftops of the world. Not merely so that others may hear, but because we have a drive to express ourselves.

And this expression is not always loud and exuberant. But when the life is coursing through our blood and we feel happy why not communicate this to the world. And why if it is evil and stinky and decrepit, this life we live, then why not publish this also. It is for this reason that we are here. Such thoughts are for the expressing – in all their hypocritcal, abstracting, auto-antonymic magnificience and condescension.

O mad chaotic world hear me Roar!

… Or whine!


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