Stressed physiology

When stressed, the body shuts down
back begins to ache
Hamstrings make their generalised groans and localised twinges
Calves tauten and pop
Feet pulsate and throb out the constraints of shoes and cramps
Shoulders and forearms stiffen.
Fitful comfortable sleep becomes impossible, and long forgotten
Neck begins to bite and gristle, cracking like logs on a fire.

The back of the cranium reaches down in sympathy
tightening the ears like a vice on the brain.
Eyeballs dry, shrink, and become bloodshot peepers.
Eye rims angry pink encircled in lines which blacken.
Brow and temple become uber sensitive pressure points,
depression of which causes racking paralysis.
The head encases itself in thick perspex,
the brain cogs coagulate,
communication lines disconnect from the mouth.

This does not mean all forms of communication cease. The face starts to wear thoughts compulsively particularly those of the darker nature, this in turn adds to the muscle tension dullness and headache.

Not to be outdone ones skin begins its various toxic productions that wreaks havoc on the follicle roots causing infection and weeping and generalised gnashing of teeth.

Invariably during this period hair becomes in dire need of cutting, tennis balls with mutton chops under which ears hide.

and their ain’t much which smiles, or sun which shines, but burns and the toothy gaps aplenty.


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