a dime, a dollar, a day

Some collected thoughts about strange jobs that some people have:

Equine Dentist
People sure do pay for a lot of bunk. Apparently its possible to get fully paid employment looking into the mouths of donkeys, horses, ponies and the like to check whether they have been brushing after dinner to get rid of that troublesome plaque.
I wonder whether there are fair size of the teenage donkey population out there with braces? Are there horsey orthodontists too? Tres bizarre.

Taphonomists and Rogue Taxidermists

Taphonomy: the study of the death and decay of organisms, including the process of preservation as fossils. Taphonomy, from the Greek taphos (death), is concerned with the processes responsible for any organism becoming part of the fossil record. Basically taphonomists look at the natural elements of decay to eliminate patterns that are the result of natural processes, as opposed to those that might have their causes in other types of interventions (human or otherwise).

Not to be confused with taxidermy. Surely taxidermy is the antithesis of taphonomy, attempting as it were to redress and temporary stilling of natural causes, of attempting to hide or remove those parts of an animal that might betray it as having died a death.

If taxidermy is loosely an attempt to reproduce in as life like as possible an iteration of the selected part of a live animal then its logical extension is rogue taxidermy. The conjoining of two animals, the joining of two truths to create a mistruth, to make synthesis, a mythical beast.

This rogue taxidermy could use the descriptions of Jorge Borge in his epic novella “The book of imaginary beings” (1957) a la the Mighty Boosh in their series one , to recreate a world which could be far more unpredictable than our current zoological (shoot, kill, maim, mount) understandings.

So I think Taphonomy is a strange career choice, being the grand study of natural death and decay. You mean you can get paid for that?

Urinal mint colour designers

I have found that without that old window out on the greater world that I used to love in the toilet block in the old building from which the views were more choice (who parks where, who has picked up a Myers deal and now is carrying the white goods home in shopping bags, there goes Ronny Gontwald from accounts … must be taking an early lunch etc. etc.) I am forced to think on much more present tasks.

That said, for no apparent reason, standing in the corner slot, minding my own business in the new place, staring at the closed in walls and roof in all their glory (what was that piece of chewey doing on the pipe? did soemone actually think that they were going to put that back in their mouths? Really? )

That said I got to thinking about urinal lollies.

Are these things considered ‘cakes’, ‘mints’, ‘tablets’, ‘capsules’ – I like the idea utilising the ‘edible’ in the saritary handles by.
If they are such culinary delights why then do they not get better colours? Which product designer stuck in the 80’s gets to choose the colours? Surely the range of flourescent colours are not the natural colour of such things? So who got paid to choose the orange colour of that collection?


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