I know a little early to get on the back foot … James Brown and his good foot that was to be infinitely ‘on’ would be most ashamed. but hey where there’s a boo-boo lets be honest and chase that sucker back in its little hole … lets own the blue, the fuck up, the Ooopsy mrs boopsy, and all the other ways to indicate where things ‘ave gone a little awry, have smelt out sumpin’ rotten or otherwise been generally offensive. So I am saving this page as a regularly feature as a oops I done a bigun’ in me jocks type page whereby I acknowledge some small mistakes ( ‘… which I have recently fixed up’ a la Dj Shadow) some howlin’ sqawkers and some slight snidey assides of factual nature. I figure this might be the most movin’ page of the lot as it shall be a monument to human frailty, error and general smelliness. Somewhere down the line there might be some room for a forgetful jones character image (copyright permitting … educational purposes people?) or maybe an external designation of some great galloot that made my day for some unintended exposure of their own ridiculousness.

And tonight I own, in so many of my own words, words of my own making, that i do not speak Spanish. Not a bit. Hardly surprising but still an omission on my linguistic abilities and training I admit. And this oversight on my part has led to an opening line for this little collection of chats deficient in its directive qualities – deficient in that it may have been a exclusionary. My apologies to all the señoras and señoritas that might dash by and be overwhelmed by the perfunctoral nature of my initial greeting. Yes my genderiffic friends perhaps an ‘ola amigas’ should have been alongside?

… and for this and the countless others that I am about to make I apologise.


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