Bizarrely Inappropriate Uses for Facebook

What is the most inappropriate thing to put on your facebook page?

This sort of online schtick only partially makes it through the made up online bullshit meter! but its worth the look folks

As for this use: If only Facebook was around during the Korean was Max klinger would not have had to go to all that trouble?

“Israel’s military and one of its soldiers are no longer “friends” after the gunner posted details of an impending West Bank raid on his Facebook page…”


“A Swedish neurosurgeon at Stockholm hospital says a nurse could lose her job after posting 14 photos of surgical operations on her personal Facebook account in August. The chief of neurosurgery at Karolinska University Hospital, Mikael Svensson, told the European press that the incident was ‘deeply unfortunate’ as it violated basic ethical codes. Though patients could not be identified from the photos, the issue has triggered worldwide debate about patient privacy in the age of digital technology. The nurse, unnamed for legal reasons, apparently used her mobile phone to take the photos of brain surgery and back operations that she had assisted in. One photo showed an operating
assistant holding indeterminate parts of the patient’s body. Dr Svensson said that he had been in contact with the nurse, who was away on vacation, and she was ‘devastated’ about the consequences of her actions.

The hospital immediately called an emergency meeting to remind surgical staff of the need to respect patient privacy and an inquiry is
underway. The hospital said in a statement that it is still considering the appropriate action – whether to report the nurse to police or dismiss
her. The nurse has been suspended and the pictures have been deleted from her Facebook profile.”

Jetstar attendant contacted 15yo passenger on Facebook

“The mother of a 15-year-old Melbourne girl claims her daughter’s privacy was breached by a Jetstar flight attendant who used an airline manifest to get the girl’s details so he could contact her on Facebook.

The woman and her two daughters, aged 15 and 16, flew from the Sunshine Coast to Melbourne last month. A male flight attendant approached the two girls, who say they did not give him their names.

But within hours of the flight arriving in Melbourne, the man had added the 15-year-old to his Facebook page and asked her to become one of his friends.”


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